You wake up all you see is wrapping paper all over the floor and kids all happy. You worry about if you got enough presents, if they are going to like what you bought. Christmas is every little kids dream day its a day about many presents. For a grown up it is a worse nightmare! Money budget, getting everything for your children, and family memebers. For a grown up everything has to be perfect! I never is either someone doesnt show up or something went completly wrong.
This is what christmas chaos really is about the down sides of christmas!



Kids wake up every night trying to find what they call santa claus. Parents play it off and buy presents and say its not them just so they dont crush their childrens spirits. I used to be one of those kids that wrote letters and left cookies out. Until i grew up, i realized that there was a old saint nicoles but it was in thee early 1800 a guy who brought toys to the young kids in his town and towns near by. Old Saint Nick in my part is what makes all little kids happy and gives them christmas spirit!





You look in a mirror and just sit and wonder. Why must i look this way. I know I sometimes sit and just stare at myself. I am my on critic i sit and just saw awful thimgs about myself, and i realized with me being my worse critic no words can hurt me. I also realized that i feel lost inside, i feel like i have no where to hide. You must also have that everyone does at times.

Its simply better to be unperfect and silly then simple and boring


You can never fix that void inside abd you look in the mirror and think I AM SIMPLY AWSOME!

Virtual worlds & What they are for

A virtual world we see teenagers, children, and some adults spend hours on this type of site. I know you wonder why they spend countless hours on a world that doesnt exist. For example IMVU, you can have a family there brother,sister,children, and even a husband. People do this because they are insecure inside and really can’t be the way they want to be in real life. You uomay be thinking suck it the hell up and welcome to he real world. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you thats not how life is. I am a virtual world young adult im only 20 and i have a virtual world. The real world is crual and i feel like im not accepted in it. Its not because im ugly, or because im wierd. I am a normal human that just feels out of place. Guess what? People of our planet made me feel that way, when they give you dirty looks without knowing who you are. When they see your not wearing latest fashion and make fun of you behind your back. Society makes people go to a virtual world and seculded themselves in that world!
Society was the reason i became a virtual world player!

That right there is my virtual world charactor.
Society and there exils make people like me.

Its better to live in a illusion the being hurt in the real world