True Or False: Does Rob Kardashian Have A Secret Celebrity Seed???


Rob Kardashian may be hiding a little secret —

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People want the Romeo &Juliete love scratch that, thats old school. People want to find true love, the love that when you find it you know its meant to be because you feel it inside of you. The feeling that is like your own personal brand and statch of heroin. The love that your addictive and over protective of. The love you dreamed about your whole life. The love everyone wants to find me ill settle for Mr. Right friends and family says thats not enough that i need standards. Standards on love that is unbelievble nd not very easy to do.
Am I not correct?
Thus shall not settle for the weak but for the strong and opened minded. I always heard that growning up i was in advance classes. I always wonder love can it be compermissed at your own will or does it like cupid comes shoots you, and aww damn im in love.

And the lion falls inlove with the tamed shy sheep, what a stupid nief sheep, and what a sick lion

That was my favorite qoute cause i feel thats how love should be stupid and gets you sick in a good way!
True love can’t be explained but i sure tried to.

Mean Girl’s

This is what every girl fears. Having a group of girls pick at her and at everything she wears! A girl that is a critic on everything you think looks nice on you. You cry you lose self-esteem your really not you anymore. You get deppressed and self concious about what you wear and honestly your wonderful with who you are. Be your own critic if you think it looks nice then be happy that you like it and dont worry about what other people think.

Stick to the statues quo

That was my personal qoute i lived by it during highschool years 4 year tht went by quick. Now college should go by thee same way if i stick to my qoute.

Twilight Fever

Team Edward or Team Jacob! This was what was in trend and still is. The world cutest vampire or the worlds sexiest werewolf ? Which one is your pick. I would like any by myside. I am a danger type of gal, i would love having a protective handsome guy like Edward by my side, or a warm hothed like Jacob. Edward always stayed the same in all the movies, naturally handsome. On the other hand Jacob made a drastic change in the second movie short hair tattoo and muscles.
I would go with either one
Which one do you pick?

Gym VS. Natural WorkOuts

Many people argue that goung to the gym has more affects then naturally working out. Well in my opinion if your minds set on working out you dont need to waste money on a memebership. All you need is a bottle of water exercising videos if its cold and if its spring a sweater and off you go to run. The fresh air is what makes you want to work out more. The beauty of nature. I have tried to work out in a gym and naturally, and for the past 3 years i a nature workout people. Not sayong indoors wont help you because at the end you get same affects both ways.
Now which way do you want to workout?


Yes the tittle says it all a living hell, people say that hell only happens after you die has your punishment from God. I saw differ i know for a fact that people live  in a living hell. Abuse, homeless people, drugs, acohol, stravation. What theres many things that make a living hell, something that makes you suffer everyday that you wake up and your like wtf this cant be happening. Just think your like cant be peachy perfect something has to be going on


You may think that the tittles alittle harsh that i need to reapect the person that carried me for 8 months etc. Well guess what my mother is my great grandmother who gave up everything for me not the women that just gave birth to me. She abandon me and the worse decission was to leave to love of my grandmother for the disrespect and humiliation my mother gives me everyday i wake up. I really wonder why i put up with her humiliation and her disreapect. I came from the hood and i was thought:

To receive respect you have to give respect

And if she doesnt respect, i shouldnt have to respect her. I respect the fact that she gave me life but the fact she does what she doesnt does not flow with me. She has beat me, kicked me out, got me arrested, almost in jail because i defended myself from her unnessasery beatings! She is a mother that i cant stand and neither would you!
Nobody would stand the abuse and humiliation that i go threw on a daily basis no privacy, or anything. I am sick of all the abuse that i go threw and you would too!