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Surgery Fears

So today im going to have surgery and when i talked to my doctor yesterday i was like very afraid. I barely could sleep couldnt even think right. So i realuzed everyone gets fears when it comes to doctors and its a natural human reaction that we cant help. I mean fear itself is something we cannot and will not ever conqour. We get over one fear and another one will come as soon as that ones over. Fear is complex and really persuasive. I mean fear can make you decide things on the spot. You cant help what you fear, theres something abiut them that are awful abd wrongbto you if you fear them!
“Theres nothing scarier than fear itself



Girls stay hours while getting dressed to make sure her make-up is in perfectly. Guys always wonder why girls spend so much time doing this! Ill explain everything to you, a normal girl has very low self esteem. She either thinks shes ugly or that she fat, thats the normal girl thought of herself. So when she puts on make up it makes her feel alittle less ugly, and alittle more attractive. Thats why she takes hours doing it making it perfect.


One of my good friends told me that this looks like i just copied and paste it but its funnny that, ice wrote every single one of these blogs. I cant complain i asked from opinions and i got it, even if i may not have like it. I wonder if it was because she used to hearing me be gettho not smart. I used to act like that to be cool in highschool, adult me doesnt care what people think

Stick to the statues qou

Cartoons Now & Days

I was siting down with my brother and i realized tht cartoons now and days, are very perverted and show kids things they not supposed to. For example spongebob, shows kids that being gay and dressing like a girl is alright. That getting drunk is ok, and that trying to steal is the best. These is what they are teaching our children. They shoud be teaching other stuff not roiting our kids brain with things that arent okay.

The one that i want

Yes the movie Grease inspired the tittle. I realized that you do many things for the one you love. You even change who you are, and what we like to do. We dont always make the right decissions when it comes to being smithen with love.

I love the unlovable and hate the loved

That qoute never mad sense to me but i figured it out, you love what you xant have and hate what you do because its not good enough.
Love is a crazy thing

Twilight Fever

Team Edward or Team Jacob! This was what was in trend and still is. The world cutest vampire or the worlds sexiest werewolf ? Which one is your pick. I would like any by myside. I am a danger type of gal, i would love having a protective handsome guy like Edward by my side, or a warm hothed like Jacob. Edward always stayed the same in all the movies, naturally handsome. On the other hand Jacob made a drastic change in the second movie short hair tattoo and muscles.
I would go with either one
Which one do you pick?