People want the Romeo &Juliete love scratch that, thats old school. People want to find true love, the love that when you find it you know its meant to be because you feel it inside of you. The feeling that is like your own personal brand and statch of heroin. The love that your addictive and over protective of. The love you dreamed about your whole life. The love everyone wants to find me ill settle for Mr. Right friends and family says thats not enough that i need standards. Standards on love that is unbelievble nd not very easy to do.
Am I not correct?
Thus shall not settle for the weak but for the strong and opened minded. I always heard that growning up i was in advance classes. I always wonder love can it be compermissed at your own will or does it like cupid comes shoots you, and aww damn im in love.

And the lion falls inlove with the tamed shy sheep, what a stupid nief sheep, and what a sick lion

That was my favorite qoute cause i feel thats how love should be stupid and gets you sick in a good way!
True love can’t be explained but i sure tried to.


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