You may think that the tittles alittle harsh that i need to reapect the person that carried me for 8 months etc. Well guess what my mother is my great grandmother who gave up everything for me not the women that just gave birth to me. She abandon me and the worse decission was to leave to love of my grandmother for the disrespect and humiliation my mother gives me everyday i wake up. I really wonder why i put up with her humiliation and her disreapect. I came from the hood and i was thought:

To receive respect you have to give respect

And if she doesnt respect, i shouldnt have to respect her. I respect the fact that she gave me life but the fact she does what she doesnt does not flow with me. She has beat me, kicked me out, got me arrested, almost in jail because i defended myself from her unnessasery beatings! She is a mother that i cant stand and neither would you!
Nobody would stand the abuse and humiliation that i go threw on a daily basis no privacy, or anything. I am sick of all the abuse that i go threw and you would too!


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