Girls stay hours while getting dressed to make sure her make-up is in perfectly. Guys always wonder why girls spend so much time doing this! Ill explain everything to you, a normal girl has very low self esteem. She either thinks shes ugly or that she fat, thats the normal girl thought of herself. So when she puts on make up it makes her feel alittle less ugly, and alittle more attractive. Thats why she takes hours doing it making it perfect.



One of my good friends told me that this looks like i just copied and paste it but its funnny that, ice wrote every single one of these blogs. I cant complain i asked from opinions and i got it, even if i may not have like it. I wonder if it was because she used to hearing me be gettho not smart. I used to act like that to be cool in highschool, adult me doesnt care what people think

Stick to the statues qou

Cartoons Now & Days

I was siting down with my brother and i realized tht cartoons now and days, are very perverted and show kids things they not supposed to. For example spongebob, shows kids that being gay and dressing like a girl is alright. That getting drunk is ok, and that trying to steal is the best. These is what they are teaching our children. They shoud be teaching other stuff not roiting our kids brain with things that arent okay.


When the sun dies and the stars fade from view or love will remain real and true

threw a distance a cold depth of space the radio sings our song and is love real & true.

Thats how love should always be that you will love each other till the depth of time, and threw the cold depth of space. Nothing should stop you from loving someone so real and true that you scare yourself to death about losing this person. That you feel like youll die if something happens to this person and you couldnt do your job of protecting this person. That type of real and true love that you feel deep down in your soul, the love that you know you’ve waited your whole life for but then you realize that you just started living your adult life.

Wrestling & Holidays R Here

The holiday season is here and what can be a joyous time of year for many

Americans can also be a tough time for the wrestler in the family. Just when they

may be hitting their stride on the mat they must now deal with the temptation of an

overabundance of food at family gatherings and disruption in their training routine.

It doesn’t mean wrestlers can’t enjoy this time of year, they just need to be smart

about it, says Nick Spatola, a former wrestler at Indiana University who now runs

Spatola Wrestling at a Fort Thomas, KY gym that provides individual and group

training, wrestling camps, and clinics in the Cincinnati metro area.

“I always held a chip on my shoulder and felt special at holiday gatherings,” recalls

Spatola. “While everyone else was indulging, I was still in training mode which

meant eating healthy and still working out. My whole family knew what was going

on and I could feel the respect. This gave me mental confidence and made me feel

like I was a warrior in training.”

This is the time of the year for coaches to discuss with the team the goals set forth

at the start of the year, says Ian Assael, director of the Bison Legend Wrestling Club

and Bison System Wrestling Camps in Lewisburg, PA. It’s also a time of year for

parents to provide support for the wrestler and for wrestling teammates to come

together to keep one another motivated.

One way to do that is to write out a holiday meal plan and to schedule added

workouts outside regularly scheduled practices. “Stay in a training routine,” says

Assael. “Scheduling some sort of activity for first thing in the morning will make you

wake up and get your day going. This could be wrestling, lifting, or running/cardio. If

there are clubs in your area where you can get some extra workouts in, that is also


Mike DeRoehn, head coach at Lakeland College in Sheboygan, WI, and the head

wrestling coach of World Class Wrestling School in Fond du Lac, WI, says the best

athletes he’s coached buy into the concept that wrestling is about more than just

participating in a sport and that mindset can help guide wrestlers through this time

of year.

“Is your daily lifestyle — training, nutrition, hydration, sleep habits, friends you hang

out with — more conducive to success than your opponents? Remember, there are

two pains in life. The pain of discipline and the pain of regret,” says DeRoehn.

Sometimes getting out of the wrestling room for a day or two while training over a

holiday break can also be mentally refreshing, he adds: “Coaches, your athletes will

thank you for breaking it up.”

Brandon Paulson, a 1996 Greco-Roman Olympic Silver Medalist and co-director of

PINnacle Wrestling in Shoreview, MN, agrees. If a break from the sport is needed,

try incorporating other activities into your routine. “This is a great time of year to get

a little cross-training in. An hour-long soccer, football, or even dodge ball game will

keep you active and rest your mind as well,” explains Paulson.

Mike Krause, Director of the NXT LVL Wrestling Academy and the Team Shamrock

School of Wrestling in Hartland, MI, says this a great time of year for wrestlers to

continue to challenge themselves. Want to eat a little more? Run three extra miles in

the morning. Want to take the day off? Put in a two-a-day workout the next day.

“Do the extra things and eat sensibly,” says Krause, a former wrestler at Michigan

State University. “If your break is long and you have no practices scheduled, make

one up yourself.”

That’s what Spatola did over holiday breaks when he was competing, going for runs

outside and focusing on the physical and mental aspect of the sport. “I used to

visualize my opponents and see myself getting my hand raised in the big match,”

says Spatola.

Spatola’s gym features a quote on the wall that says “it’s the hard days that really

count.” And this time of year, when it seems like everyone around you is taking it

easy, definitely fall into that category.”If you can manage to drag yourself to practice

and make it through it, you just got better,” he says. “Everyone can train when they

feel good, it’s training on those hard days that create results.”

No matter how dedicated one is to the sport, Spatola says this is still a time of year

to remember who and what is important. Train hard, remain focused, but rest the

mind and body when you can and enjoy family time at every opportunity.

“No matter how hard you are training, you can always make time for these special

people during the holiday season,” explains Spatola. “Although you are a warrior in

training, it’s important for your mind and body to relax and just spend time with the

people you care most about.”

Holiday Training Tips:

Coaches and parents, provide knowledge: Don’t assume all kids know how getting

out of their routine can affect them on and off the mat. Don’t be overbearing, but if

you see them slip, gently nudge them in the right direction or try to get them to


Moderation is key: If one does indulge some holiday cookies or a larger than usual

meal, schedule an extra workout, practice a little longer or add an extra running/

cardio or weightlifting session.

Mental edge: This is the time of year one can work on honing the mental aspect of

the sport. By keeping motivated while others may be taking time off, you can gain an

important psychological edge knowing you did the right things and made the right


Get the whole family on board: Inform all family members so they understand

what the wrestler is going through. If no practices are available, schedule a fun

activity that keeps kids active, like sledding, ice skating, or a family walk. It will

create memories and help maintain the wrestler’s fitness level.

Rest: Eating right is important, but so is rest and sleep. This is also a time to heal up

and get focused for the home stretch of the season. Don’t feel bad if you

occasionally miss a workout or overindulge a little.

Holiday Cross-Training Exercises:

Lakeland College wrestling coach Mike DeRoehn recommends incorporating these

winter cross-training opportunities into your holiday routine:

Run outside in deep snow where you need to really get those knees up and high step while lifting your boots. Grab a teammate and push/pull each other in a sled to work on your leg drive Find a hill to sled down and then get a workout in going back up, doing these exercises in intervals of three:

Sled down/bear crawl up Sled down/bear crawl up Sled down/bear crawl backwards up Sled down/carry a partner up

The one that i want

Yes the movie Grease inspired the tittle. I realized that you do many things for the one you love. You even change who you are, and what we like to do. We dont always make the right decissions when it comes to being smithen with love.

I love the unlovable and hate the loved

That qoute never mad sense to me but i figured it out, you love what you xant have and hate what you do because its not good enough.
Love is a crazy thing